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Frem Group works together with architects, designers and artists to transform building materials into art.


artwork series

in collaboration with
Paulina Herrera Latelier

Frem Group has built a successful partnership with architect, designer and artist Paulina Herrera Latelier, with whom Frem Group has been working to identify innovative technicalsolutions and suitable materials for statues, architectural sculptures and public furniture with designs strongly rooted in Sardinian tradition. 

This collaboration has the ambition to foster artistic research and enhance construction’s ability to welcome and convey artistic voices’ message.

The result is a building envelope made of a series of prefabricated panels, produced with a mixture of cement, natural aggregates, and recycled materials, to which the artist has added finishing touches, such as contemporary bas-reliefs.

A ribbon, like a long tapestry suspended in the air and bent by the movement of the wind, records in its folds the contemporary perception of plane and volume. The structure of the fabric is flexible and allows the tapestry to undulate like a flag, passing from flat form to the hint of three-dimensional shapes.

Turning from one side to the other, the tape exposes all its sides, drawing folds and bodies that would not normally be perceptible at the same time. Instead, in this way, the tape becomes an instrument for reading, in a single instant, a sequence of movements that are traced in the folds of the tape itself.

Finally, the resulting form is intersected by the immaterial form drawn by the shadows of the overlying overhanging steel elements.

The continuous shifting of these shadows across the surfaces of the structure and floor reminds us of the passage of time and lead us to reflect on the true nature of form and space.

The sculptures can be from two different kinds: verticals or bas-rilef panels indicated for walls or three-dimensional. Both, are composed, in the first place, of a series of prefabricated panels made from the right mixture of cement, natural aggregates, and concrete the right mix of cement, natural aggregates and recycled materials and recycled materials that are assembled and fixed together. A second part of the sculpture consists of a structure with air passant and developed in height, constructed with pre-shaped steel and connected to the concrete panels.


The sculptures lends itself to installation in indoor and in outdoor public spaces and the three-dimensional typology can be used as a game, a seat, or a skateboard trampoline. Its shape makes it suitable for installation on both flat and sloping pavement.

It is constructed of RCK40 concrete, and its edges are forged to prevent chipping.

The iron parts are galvanized and painted.

Casa Milan




Born in Santiago de Chile in 1978. She grew up between Mexico and Chile, where she graduated in Architecture at the Universidad Central. Since 2005 she has lived in Cagliari.

Her work takes place by moving between the fields of visual arts, architecture and design, carrying out a single artistic research based on the perception of moving space and on the relationship between physical space and the individuals who inhabit it.

She has taken part in various artists’ residencies programs and contemporary art and design fairs. She has several solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums to her credit and some of her works are part of public collections. In the field of design, she currently collaborates with various artisans, companies and professionals like FREM GROUP (Italy), Mariantonia Urru (Italy) and Yokoyama TATAMI (Japan).


Frem Group srl has been working in the reinforced concrete structures sector for over 40 years.

Starting as a simple producer of pre-shaped steel, in recent years Frem Group has become a supplier of construction materials for the entire structure of a building. Innovation, digitalization, and sustainability have always been fundamental characteristics of Frem Group’s business development.

Frem Group has always striven to combine its production activity with different types of collaboration with the world of culture (universities, museums, artists).

Andrea Forges Davanzati

Un concept iconico per FREM GROUP

Le rampe realizzate in c.a. faccia vista sono rifinite con gradini e pianerottoli in basalto, la roccia  sarda con cui da sempre vengono realizzate le abitazioni in Sardegna (i Nuraghi).

La ringhiera del corpo scala è realizzata in acciaio B450C. L’artista Andrea Forges Davanzati, seguendo la serie di Fibonacci ha scelto che il diametro e la lunghezza delle barre d’acciaio diminuiscano passando da un piano all’altro mentre la trama si infittisce. 

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